About project

DIADANS is two architecturally stylish business class towers, 31 floors high, located in the heart of the most prestigious district of the capital – Pechersk.

The perfectly equipped area restricts access for the strangers, so nobody can interrupt you. Only you and your choice! Do you prefer the life in the center of the city stream or the peace and comfort in your nest? With DIADANS, each solution is possible and each one is correct.

Rhythms are numerous. DIADANS is unique

The concrete jungles of the metropolis never remind the sea calmness. They do not even live a double life. There are millions of streams and, probably, a bit more. Therefore, the noisy city is in motion all day long. And you need is to catch your morning wave, because the pace and routine of the citizens are different, as they are themselves. But each of the streams falls into one sea. The DIADANS sea of comfort.

DIADANS is an opportunity for everyone to be themselves. To be different. After all, here you can hide from the city bustle, and if you wish to take a few steps and join a stormy flow of modern metropolis.

  • Only in a few minutes from the Lesia Ukrainka Boulevard
  • You will always be in the center of events, because you will live in the center of the Pechersk
  • Everything you need is here. Boutiques, restaurants, fitness centers, SPA
  • The territory of the closed complex is under the round-the-clock guard
  • inter-storey and inter-apartment sound protection
  • apartments with floor-to-ceiling windows
  • terraces in most apartments
  • underground parking, accessible from the elevator
About developer

ENSO is a Ukrainian holding concerned with development, construction and project management of residential and commercial real estate.

Filling the Space with Meaning – this is the way the company’s philosophy was defined, and this philosophy has determined ENSO’s approach to development of every project. Each object is focused on demands of future residents, as well as appearance of the capital.

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